Le cycle de vie de la laine et le cycle du carbone – Article de l’IWTO

Un article de l’IWTO disponible sur https://www.iwto.org/sites/default/files/files/iwto_resource/file/Green%20Wool%20Facts_April%202014.pdf

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  • The wool industry & the environment
    • The Carbon Cycle
    • CASE STUDY: spinning Südwolle Group
    • Life Cycle Assessment
      • CASE STUDY: wool combing mills in Uruguay
      • CASE STUDY: wool grower John & Robyn Ive, Australia
      • CASE STUDY: weaving Bulmer & Lumb, United Kingdom
      • CASE STUDY: wool grower George de Kock, Souht Africa
    • Wool Life Cycle Assessment Technical Advisory Group
      • CASE STUDY: scouring New Zealand Wool Services (WSI), New Zaeland
      • CASE STUDY: wool grower Ben and Jamie Lehfeldt, USA
    • The Working Groups
    • Budget
      • CASE STUDY: wool grower Ricardo Fenton, Patagonia
      • Definitions
      • CASE STUDY: recycling John Cotton Nonwovens
IWTO-Green Wool Facts_April 2014